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HI Index Tints

HI Index Tints


Hi-Index Gray - Qty 1

£11.95 / €13.38


Hi-Index G15 - Qty 1

£11.95 / €13.38


Hi-Index Cactus Green - Qty 1

£11.95 / €13.38


Hi-Index Desert Brown - Qty 1

£11.95 / €13.38


Hi-Index Chocolate Brown - Qty 1

£11.95 / €13.38


Hi-Index Khaki Brown ll - Qty 1

£11.95 / €13.38

Tint Hi-Index Lenses Faster & Darker!!!

  • Special for Hi-Index Lenses
  • Better colour consistency
  • Faster tint absorption
  • Many colours available

Mainline Hi-Index Lens Dye Packets and Hi-Index Lens Primer are specially formulated for Hi-Index lenses. Tint Hi-Index lenses to dark sunglass densities with the aid of Mainline Hi-Index Lens Primer, a lens treatment that significantly enhances and optimizes the dye penetration into Hi-Index lenses, yielding darker densities in a fraction of the normal time to tint a lens.

Preparing the dye solution
Fill a clean 946 ml sized tank with warm water. Remove dissolvable dye packet from "Mainline Hi-Index Lens Dye Packet" envelope and drop into tank. Increase the tank temperature to 93-96°C. Allow 3-5 minutes for the Dye Packet to fully dissolve.

Tinting the lenses
Using a lens holder, slowly immerse primed lenses into the dye solution. Upon reaching the desired density, remove lenses, dip in cool water, and dry with a soft absorbent cloth or tissue.

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