Surfacing - Polish - V2100 Premium Lens Polish

V2100 Premium Lens Polish

V2100 Premium Lens Polish


V2100 - Qty 1


  • Non-corrosive chemical suspension to help prevent equipment wear.
  • High purity Al2O3 abrasive composition for superior polishing results.
  • Water-based suspension technology enhanced for easy mixing and clean-up.
  • Focused particle size distribution for rapid removal rate and superior surface characteristics.
  • Designed specifically for Polycarbonate and CR-39™ lenses.
  • Ideal for AR-coated and hard-coated lenses.


  • 36% improvement in lens surface smoothness over best competitive offering.
  • Comparable removal rates.
  • Extremely easy to mix straight from the container.
  • Eliminates hard-packing and incorporates anti-freezing technology.
  • New suspension formulation for enhanced performance with minimal splashing.


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