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Essilor Preowned Package SOLD

Essilor Preowned Package SOLD


Essilor Preowned Package - Qty 1

£4,995.00 / €5,594.40

Essilor Mr Orange and Mr Blue Blocker Pre Owned 8 Years old, Good Condition

Mr Orange: Lenses cut – 164537, Serial number 052121, manufactured 2012

  • 30° tool inclination: Combined with lens geometry analysis, this range of movement provides outstanding results for all lens finishes (grooving, drilling, bevelling) and base curves.
  • Fit-4-Frame technology: Variable geometry bevel with a dedicated chamfering wheel for shelf-bevelling and fitting lenses in every form of groove regardless of the frame base
  • Designed to Change with Lenses
  • Centering aid: Real-time orientation and validation of the best centering position
  • Centering free from all prismatic effects, irrespective of the lens power
  • Automatic adjustment of decentrations depending on the frame parameters (curve angle, base and pantoscopic tilt) and the wearer data
  • Traces between the Lines and Stores Data Twice as Fast
  • Simultaneous acquisition of the shape and drilling data
  • Direct tracing without handling the lens or any accessories
  • Simple, easy access to the shape and drilling libraries

Mr Blue Blocker Lenses blocked – 93810, Serial number 052149, manufactured 2012

  • Automatically centres all lenses in seconds without any manual handling or pre-positioning
  • Automatically displays the lens in the frame axis
  • Tight axis control after blocking to centre lenses with complete confidence
  • Automatically adjusts decentrations in accordance with the frame's 3D parameters

Essi Box

  • Computer Job Manager.

Essilor Kappa Limited Edition - manufactured 2012 - not working for spares only. This product is now sold.

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