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Clinitas Hydrate

Clinitas Hydrate


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During the day your eyes are exposed to many factors that make them dry and uncomfortable.

Clinitas Hydrate is the dry eye treatment for you if you are looking for immediate relief from minor and occasional dry eye discomfort. It spreads rapidly for total protection and stays on your eyes for longer than regular eye drops thanks to its adhesive properties. Besides, it releases water to boost the watery layer on your eyes and leaves them feeling refreshed and lubricated.

Use Clinitas Hydrate either in the evening or in the early morning without your contact lenses in. For maximum comfort use Soothe in conjuction with Hydrate.


  • 0.2% 980 Carbomer
  • Adhesive properties


  • Releases water to boost watery layer
  • Stays on eye longer
  • Spreads rapidly total protection
  • Gentle, safe, long wearing times
  • Value for money
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